Playlist: Not So Mundane

By Maddie Farr ’18

These are songs that describe ordinary situations — like checking the weather on your phone, gardening on a boring Monday, watching too much TV, or holding hands at the bank. Yet by describing the mundane, these songs get at something much deeper. They remind me that the ways we interact with the world in our ordinary, everyday lives are often where the real, meaningful stuff happens. The mundane is actually anything but mundane.

“SUPERMOON” – Allison Crutchfield

A song about wondering if he’s doing alright, if the weather is nice in California, and if he’s thinking about you, too.

“Dreamsong (feat. Amber Coffman)” – Nate Heller

Nothing is more boring than another person’s half-remembered dreams–unless you are in love with that person.

“Drivin’ on 9” – The Breeders

This song is about nothing more than driving down a lonely road, but it always gives me shivers.

“Nowhere to Be” – Addie Pray

A song about feeling lazy and vindictive, from Kenyon’s recently graduated Addie Pray (the solo project of Carmen Perry ’15).

“Avant Gardener” – Courtney Barnett

Existential worries buried within a song about an ill-fated afternoon of gardening.

“The Washing Machine” – SPORTS

From SPORTS’ upcoming album All of Something, this track uses something ordinary (washing machine woes) to represent worries about a relationship.

“Headsgiving” – PORCHES.

A song that builds from the very mundane to the dramatically existential — “What did you do when you wanted to die?”

“Jobless Monday” – Mitski

This song includes one of my favorite lines ever: “It’s a windy afternoon / can’t afford to buy my food / or the drive I need to go / further than they said I’d go.”

“Depreston” – Courtney Barnett

A quietly anxious song about house-hunting in the Australian suburbs.

“Owen” – Frankie Cosmos

Frankie Cosmos is essentially the queen of uncovering the profound within the ordinary.

“Canned Tomatoes (Whole)” – Courtney Barnett

A song about loss remembered through daily rituals.

“Berlin” – Allison Crutchfield

A song about falling in and out of a relationship, about thinking about him when you’re thousands of miles away, about nostalgia for better days, and ultimately about understanding one’s own power within the order of things.

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