Playlist: Rockin’ Senegalese Music

By Juno Fullerton ’19

So, there is a lot of music in the world and something I find wonderful is sharing the music of other countries! The following is a rockin’ playlist of Senegalese music that varies from smooth tunes to poppin’ jams. Por Favor, start at the number one, starting with high beat tracks, slowing down as the playlist goes on. Check it out!!!

  1. Sénégal Sénégal (Ismaël Lô)
  2. Hakeem Ratatati Rék
  3. X-Press Crew Diourbel : Sama Baat
  4. ismael lo jélibi
  5. Wally Ballago Seck – Impossible Love – Art-Bi Manageman
  6. Takeifa – Afro Pop from Senegal
  7. BIRAHIM- Man Fuma Jem
  8. Keur Gui Crew – SI LANE NGAMAY WO – Encyclopédie
  9. Diogal – Samba Alla
  10. MAREMA / Femme d’affaires