Top 9 Instrumental Tracks for Weathering the Apocalypse

By Sonia Calzaretta ’18

Hey, it’s ok. We all know the feeling. It’s another lousy weeknight, all of your reading is piling up, and the radioactive horde outside your home just won’t stop moaning. How can you possibly be expected to work like this?

Have no fear. No matter what the nature or scale of your apocalypse, this playlist is here to make sure you make it through the night.

“Only the Beginning of the Adventure” by Harry Gregson-Williams

“Jurassic World Theme” by John Williams

“Fog Bound” by Hans Zimmer

“All the King’s Horses” by Thomas Bergersen

“Call Me Newt” by Ramin Djawadi

“The Drift” by Blackmill

“The Bridge of Khazad Dum” by Howard Shore

“Does It Still McFly?” by Michael Giacchino

“Reavers Chase Serenity” by Greg Edmonson

Listen to the whole playlist here:

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