Hometown Horns: Kenyon Students’ Hometown Concert Hotspots

By Devon Chodzin ’19

We love The Horn Gallery. Horn shows guarantee quality entertainment, a great time with friends, and a safe place for artistic expression. That being said, Kenyon’s music fans definitely still hold a soft spot for their favorite concert venues back at home. WKCO wanted to know all about these venues and what kinds of experiences one can expect from them, and the responses we got were incredible. Here are a few venues from across the States which managed to impact Kenyon’s music aficionados:

First Avenue: Minneapolis, MN
First Avenue
Rachel Gorlin’s (’17) favorite concert venue in Minneapolis is the historic First Avenue. According to Gorlin, “First Ave is a historic landmark in the city and definitely a place to check out even if you’re not going there for a concert.” This former Greyhound bus station has been a nightclub and concert venue for over 40 years, boasting various big names over the decades. Gorlin saw The Head and The Heart at First Avenue a few years back and thoroughly enjoyed it. That being said, last month, during a show for the famous heavy metal group Theory of a Deadman, the roof suffered a partial collapse, so Gorlin advises that she’d “wait to visit for a while…”
Thomas Wolfe Auditorium: Asheville, NC

Jesseca Kusher ’19 traveled all the way from her hometown in South Carolina to see Moody Blues at Thomas Wolfe Auditorium when she was in the eighth grade. According to Kusher, when she and her father went, “There were lots of old hippies who were completely nuts and there was a sick light show.” She pegged this unique place as being “Classy-Rowdy,” not unlike the quirky, artsy city of Asheville, which Kusher likens to an East Coast Portland. Thomas Wolfe Auditorium is the mid-sized auditorium in Asheville’s major performance center, the U.S. Cellular Center. The Center showcases comedy acts, athletics, symphonies, and, apparently, “English hippie rock bands.”
Terminal 5: New York City, NY

NYC native Sam Whipple ’16 has his choice of hundreds of possible concert venues just in Manhattan alone, but his favorite is Terminal 5 in Hell’s Kitchen (Western Manhattan north of the Village). As Whipple puts it, “Just like those wedding parties where you go up a floor and get more drunk as you go, T5 has 3 levels and each has something for everybody, all while facing an open stage and a general admission mosh pit.” Of all the shows he’s seen at T5, his favorite is Jamie xx, who he saw this past August. What did it for Whipple was the huge disco ball behind xx, “with multicolored lighting that made the room look like it was covered in confetti.” Unlike First Avenue or Thomas Wolfe, T5 is a fairly young venue, first opening in 2003. However, it may be for exactly that reason that T5 has seen the success it has.
Shoreline Amphitheatre: Mountain View, CA

Jacob Adams ’19 cannot help but hold the Shoreline in very high regard after attending a multi-artist hip-hop concert there with his friends before his junior year of high school. The massive amphitheater, which is built on top of a landfill, holds 20,000 people and hosts major acts and festivals. Adams and his friends had backstage passes, so they had access to the best and brightest of the hip-hop world. Adams took a ton of pictures of Tyler the Creator and met the entire Odd Future collective, E40, and Kendrick Lamar’s best friend who “just wanted to hang out with all of them.” The best part of the story was when they met Deebo from Friday (Tom Lister, Jr.). As put by Adams: “We met Deebo from Friday and he choked our friend. We also got free Red Bull.” No doubt that if one invests in some of the more unique opportunities the Shoreline has to offer, one can expect an experience to remember.

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