Time to Go Home Playlist

By Emma Klein ’17

Happy Friday! I could’ve given you a playlist of bumpin’ party songs to start your evening off, but I think it’s almost more practical to give you some songs to listen to at the end of your night. These jams are great for when it’s late, the beer’s all gone, the party sucks, and you just really need to go home.

“High & Wild” – Angel Olsen

If you’ve ever been lost at a party in the OK lounge looking for your friends Angel Olsen’s words have probably run through your head:”you’re gone, you’re gone, you’re with me but you’re gone.” Just don’t get too high & wild, kids.

“Crowded Stranger” – Girlpool

Favorite line: “you are a crowded stranger leaving when I say that everybody always makes me feel the same”

Oh no! The party is crowded and full of strangers! But not only that, the people close to you seem like strangers too. Sad but real feelings, perfect for if you’re feeling a little disenchanted with your evening.

“Nothing Came Out” – the Moldy Peaches

Favorite Line: “Without 40 oz of social skills I’m just an ass in the crack of humanity, I’m just a huge manatee”

So you’re at a party and the girl or boy that you dig is flirting with someone else. What do you do? Catastrophize the situation of course! AND freak out over your lack of social skills. But it’s okay, because Kimya Dawson knows how you feel. And when in doubt use her words to explain your social anxiety: “Just because I don’t say anything doesn’t mean I don’t like you”

“Don’t Watch Me Dancing” – Little Joy

A really sweet song, excellent for listening to as your nights comes to an end, or if you’re just alone in your room too scared to go out and dance in front of other humans. (Also seriously, if I’m at that party, please don’t watch me dancing).

“Is This It” – the Strokes

I think all of us can relate to the feeling of being at a party and thinking “Is this it?” Another kind of cynical and discontented song. Thanks Julian Casablancas.

“Bad Idea” – Wet

What’s a night out without some bad ideas? Reflect upon them while listening to this great song by Wet.

“Coming down” – The Weeknd

This one is pretty self explanatory. For that feeling when the party is over and you’re alone and miss your bae.

“Time to Go Home” – Chastity Belt

We come to the song that this playlist is named after! Perfect for when they party just blows and it’s really time to go home. Chastity Belt is a super cool band from Seattle, you should look at their press photos because they are amazing.

“Whiskey Dreams” – Wild Child

Favorite line: “Tried my best to go out last night, saw some people didn’t care couldn’t even try…”

This is the song to listen to as you’re in bed about to fall asleep and going over the night in your head. Happy drunk dreaming!

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