Rap That’s Not Fetty Wap

By Jacqueleen Eng ’19

If you’re like me and listen to “679” by our friend Fetty on the hour every hour 24/7, it’s good to throw in some variety. Here are some tracks to help you do just that.

“Count On Me” – Lucki Eck$

Lucki Eck$ hails from Chicago and started rapping at age 16. This track comes from his tape, Alternative Trap, that came out in 2013. Since then, he released Body High in 2014 and X earlier this year. He’s dope.

“Souvenir (feat. Hemlock Ernst”) – milo

I recently friended milo (Rory Ferreira) on Facebook. He’s one of my favorite rappers, and this track is from his new album So The Flies Don’t Come, which was released last week. Fantano gave it an 8/10. That means something, right?

“Mary Jane” – Noname Gypsy

Noname Gypsy is rad. She’s been performing slam poetry in Chicago for a while, and gained a following after performing on “Lost” with Chance the Rapper on Acid Rap.

“Chief Rocka” – Lords of the Underground

The Lords make me kinda proud to say I’m from New Jersey. They also unfortunately remind me of my dreaded economics teacher from last year, Mr. Kmiec. I failed every one of his tests. His last words to me were, “So, I hear you listen to Wu-Tang?”

“The Percocet & Stripper Joint” – Future

I love this song. I am not ashamed. I never liked Future until this. He gets it.

“Rose Quartz/Like Crazy” – Jazz Cartier

Jazz Cartier is a Canadian rapper, and his debut album, Marauding In Paradise, came out in April. This track samples a Toro y Moi song, “Rose Quartz;” if you read my previous post about Toro y Moi, it is evident that this adds something more. I especially like the dialogue from the movie Like Crazy that’s featured, and that cool beat switch towards the end is chilling.

“Runnin'” – The Pharcyde


“Nelly” – Isaiah Rashad

Rashad is a rapper from Tennesse who recently signed to Top Dawg Entertainment. His first tape, Clivia Demo, came out in 2014, and many are expecting a 2015 or early 2016 debut from him. This track was named Best New Music by Pitchfork, and it’s hella chill.

“BKNY (feat. Old Money)” – Fat Tony

Fat Tony is from Houston, and this song is off his latest album, Smart Ass Black Boy, that came out in 2013. Aside, Palisades is a super cool venue in Bushwick. You should go if you’re in town.

“Dopeman (feat. Joey Fatts & Kilo Kish)” – Vince Staples

This is probably one of my favorite songs off Summertime ’06, Staples’ recent album. I really like Kilo Kish, and she’s definitely an artist to watch out for.

“Moment of Truth” – Gang Starr

I shall leave you with another classic. Fun fact, my friend at American University has a radio show called Moma of Truth — a reference to this song and the MOMA in NYC. How pretentious!

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