Horn Gallery Spotlight: Eskimeaux and Told Slant



By Maddie Farr ’18

This is going to be a tough week. Most of us will have enjoyed our breaks thoroughly, and the transition back to a week that is actually five days long is sure to be difficult. Come Wednesday night, you’re going to be looking for a way to let off some steam … and you should come to the Eskimeaux and Told Slant concert at the Horn Gallery! Seriously, do. And here’s why.



Gabrielle Smith has been making music as Eskimeaux for years, but this spring she finally pulled together some old demos and new tracks, recorded them with a full band of her friends, and released it all as a powerful and sweet record called O.K. (out on Double Double Whammy). O.K. is intimate and honest; listening to the record, I have the sensation that Smith is singing to me alone. Smith’s work has historically been more music-driven than lyrical, and that experience shows in many songs, especially “Broken Necks,” “The Thunder Answered Back,” and “Pocketful of Posies.” However, on O.K. Smith throws herself headfirst into songwriting, and her brilliance is immediate. This album is hard to define — it channels both Taylor Swift’s exuberance and Frankie Cosmos’s honesty, falling somewhere else entirely.

Tracks to Check Out:

“The Thunder Answered Back”

“I Admit I’m Scared”

“Alone at the Party”

Told Slant.

Told Slant.

Told Slant is a band currently composed of Felix Walworth, Gabrielle Smith (of Eskimeaux!), and Oliver Kalb (also in Eskimeaux!). The raw vocals — the core of Told Slant — are Felix’s. Their full-length debut is Still Water, a very sad and very cathartic collection of songs both new and previously released. These songs are sensory and emotional, and sure to be powerful live.

Tracks to Check Out:

“Ohio Snow Falls”

“Parking Lots”

“Algae Bloom”

The members of both Eskimeaux and Told Slant are a part of the musical and arts collective The Epoch, which consistently puts out some pretty jammin’ tunes. I saw Eskimeaux (for which Felix Walworth plays drums!) this summer, and the show they put on was incredible. Be prepared for some pretty heavy-duty emotion. See you there!

Eskimeaux and Told Slant will perform at the Horn Gallery this Wednesday. Doors are at 9:00pm, and the concert starts at 9:30pm. Grace Fuisz ’19 will be opening.

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