DJ Spotlight: Hannah Klubeck ’19

By Teddy Farkas ’1612065663_1018986571487143_8271101713921482694_n

Name: Hannah Klubeck ’19

Show: “Songs My Dad Likes” on Thursdays 12-1am EST

Hometown: Santa Monica, CA

Major: Undeclared

Do you actually play exclusively songs that your dad likes or is the music your dad likes exclusively the kind of music that you like? 

Well, I came up with the name just as a shoutout to my dad because he has great music taste, but I definitely don’t only play songs my dad likes. [For instance], he listened to five minutes of my radio show and then he was like, “I’m out,” because there were no songs that he liked, but a lot of them are songs he likes and he just likes my music. We shared an iPod for a very long time.

I would assume then that your dad is where a lot of your music taste came from, but what would you say your music tastes are and what are their origins?

I definitely went through a very big, like, Yo La Tengo, Zero 7, phase, but now I listen to a lot more electronic-type music, which [my dad’s] not as big of a fan of but he really likes it when I play. He just doesn’t listen to it on his own. But, I guess I listen to every single type of music other than maybe country, but you can find folk-country that I like and then I listen to a lot of jazz, a lot of electronic music and, I don’t know…folk, indie, alternative, whatever you choose to call it. Then I also sometimes find myself listening to songs in other languages.

Do you have any examples of that that you’ve been listening to lately?

Yeah, there’s this one song by Devendra Banhart that I really like, it’s called “Mi Negrita.” That’s a really good song, then Nicholas Jaar has a lot of good songs.

How has your hometown influenced your taste and do you have any favorite music venues from home?

I think more than my hometown, my friends from home have really influenced my taste in music; everyone has a different [taste]. [For instance] I have a friend who loves exclusively rock music, which is not my favorite, but I’m influenced by a lot of her favorites. Then one friend exclusively [listens to] electronic [music], so [my taste] is just a combination of all my friend’s music tastes. I like The Wiltern a lot in L.A. and during the summer’s they have shows on the pier that are free and super fun, so I like both those places. Obviously the Hollywood Bowl is the biggest venue. Then there are a lot of bars that have up and coming artists. Oh! There’s actually this venue that, I don’t know if it’s exclusively for student groups but a lot of people I know have played there. It’s called The Smell. That’s a very popular L.A. kid music venue.

What is your favorite show you’ve ever been to?

Oooh, my favorite show…well, when I was younger, I was religious about listening to Bon Iver. That was really middle school, I was obsessed. That and The Shins are the only two bands that I’d seen where I was very emotional when I saw them. I think just because both my dad and I were into those bands, like The Shins, where it was my family’s “family dinner band.” All our dinner’s we’d just listen to this same [Shins’] album on repeat. So those [shows] were my favorite just because I loved [the bands] a lot but, I mean, I saw Major Lazer, which was just wild and Grimes was really good. I don’t think I have a favorite, there were just some where I had a lot more fun.

How has your, as of now pretty short, time on WKCO been and what inspired to come do a show when you arrived at Kenyon a few months ago?

So far, I’ve done a lot more for the blog; I really love making my playlists. I think [that’s] because I’ll choose really random themes and then once I’ve gotten into it, I find so much more music. My [first] show, I was very stressed out. I was just super nervous for it but I had a lot of friends listening which was really sweet.

I think probably that when I’m with my friends they get annoyed cause I get really controlling of the music, so I like that I have an hour to choose solely my own music and also sometimes for people that are listening, there are songs that remind me of people that I know are listening and I love that. My friends in different states are listening and we’ll remember a time that we were really into that band, artist, or song.

If you wanna hear some songs that Hannah’s dad might like and you think you’ll like too, check out her show on Thursday nights from 12-1am EST on or 91.9 FM

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