DJ Spotlight: Sonia Calzaretta ’18

by Teddy Farkas ’1612027754_1661119034131223_7991890764901068965_n

Name: Sonia Calzaretta ’18

Show: “Pop, Rock, and Cola” on Saturdays 10-11pm EST

Hometown: Walla Walla, WA

Major: Undeclared (but probably Russian Area Studies)

Where in Washington is Walla Walla near? 

It’s in the Southeastern corner of the state. It’s right on the border with Oregon. We’re kind of close to Spokane-ish? We’re like four or five hours from Seattle, on the opposite side of the state. People are always like “Are you close to Seattle?”

You’re probably closer to Portland?

Mmhmm, yeah.

Anyway, where does your show name come from and what is the general theme of your show?

Well, last year while I was interning I was thinking of show names and I wanted something that sounded kind of cool and I was thinking about just how if you mix Pop Rocks and Cola, it’ll explode. That’s an old urban legend and I just thought that was a cool name for [my show]. Most of the music I play is playlists that I put together, it doesn’t have a set theme, so I didn’t want to name the show after any one theme because I wasn’t sure that I would be playing the same kind of music for the whole time I had my show.

What kind of taste in music would you say you have and what do you play on the show?

I think most of the stuff I play on the show is probably a mix between pop, indie folk, and then classic rock and roll I listened to when I was a kid. But it also kind of depends. Sometimes if I have a show theme where I’m not sure what kind of music will fit into that playlist, I’ll ask my friends, who are into different kinds of music than I am, for suggestions. My roommate listens to a lot of emo kind of stuff, so if I have a playlist that I’m not sure about, like last week’s Slytherin playlist, I’ll ask her for suggestions for stuff.

So where do you think your general music tastes came from and what was the first kind of music you started listening to?

When I was a little kid, like really little, I was mostly listening to my parents’ music in the house. I’m not really sure where my music taste comes from. I guess just stuff that my friends suggested growing up and stuff that was on the radio.

So NOT coming from a big city, how did your hometown define your taste in music and do you have any favorite venues in your hometown or is it not a lot of music that normally comes there, do you normally go to Portland or places like that?

Yeah, we don’t have a lot of people come through Walla Walla on tour or anything. I think the first concert I saw was in Portland. I think the only part of my music taste that came out of living in Walla Walla was my disdain for country music, because people listen to it all the time. In the parking lot at my high school, you’d have people in their pickup trucks, blasting country music before class. It’s like, why are you doing this to me?

I was actually born in Portland. I lived there for about five years before I moved to Walla Walla, so it’s kind of cool going to concerts there because it’s like returning to my home city almost, like where I was born. The first concert I saw there was an Owl City concert when I was sixteen, fifteen maybe. It was really cool. Actually, this past summer though, Mumford & Sons came to Walla Walla on their Gentlemen of the Road Tour with Foo Fighters and some other bands. Like, Walla Walla was one of the stopovers for their tour. It was really cool, it was like Mumford & Sons, the Foo Fighters, and The Flaming Lips plus a bunch of other smaller bands. I thought it was really neat. I got a chance to see all three of those bands in concert, it was really awesome.

What is your favorite show you’ve ever been to?

I got a chance to see Fall Out Boy in the Hollywood Bowl with my roommate Anna. I went to go visit her in Pasadena and we went to go see Fall Out Boy. It was really, really awesome. It was the coolest concert I’ve ever seen; they had fire, it was neat.

They had fire?

I’d never been to a show where that had pyrotechnics in it before! And they came up into the stands to do acoustic versions of a couple of their songs and they were standing right next to where we were sitting. It was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

What inspired you to join WKCO when you came to Kenyon and what have you enjoyed the most about being here?

My dad ran a radio show when he was in college. He ran it out of a tiny shed in a field near his college.

Where’d he go to school?

He went to Triton Community College first, that’s where the station was. Their station was in the middle of a field so it didn’t have air conditioning, so they had to leave the door open and snakes and shit would get in and get into the machinery. So I heard a lot of stories about that growing up and I just thought that was really cool, so when I got here to Kenyon, I saw that anyone could intern at the radio station, so I just kind of walked in and interned and then got a show! I didn’t know that was a thing you could just do, but it is and it’s super neat.

Luckily you won’t be finding any snakes in WKCO (probably) but if you want to listen in and hear if there are, you can tune into Sonia’s radio show from 11pm-12am on Saturday nights on or 91.9 FM

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