Drake Dad-dancing Under Aesthetically Pleasing Neon Lights

By Jacqueleen Eng ’19

I bet Drake loves dad jokes. I bet Drake loves wearing New Balances, dad jeans, and baseball caps when he’s home alone. I bet Serena gets tired of his dad look and his dad dancing.

drake tho

The highly anticipated (as of Sunday) video for Drake’s single “Hotline Bling” starts with an office full of pretty women presumably working at a hotline where the phones are blinging off the hook. They’re dressed in denim and pink crop tops and seem to be responding to thirsty men on the phone. (See me below.) It then switches to Drake in some sort of box under neon lighting, which includes or is at least inspired by James Turrell’s artwork. The dad dancing starts from the start, where Drake is clad in a red Montcler puffer jacket and starts groovin’ to his own song like he’s back in Degrassi High just joking around with his boys. It is only 40 seconds into this video, and I demand to know who the choreographer for this video was. Was it Drake himself? Is he expressing simply how he feels when he hears his own hit single? Is he letting the power of the music enter his now jacked physique and overtake him?
I immediately appreciated the aesthetics of this video. The lighting was beautiful, and the silhouettes of the women poised against the colors creates an intriguing image. The shots alternate between Drake, the shadowy figures, and women standing on stairs that ascend into a box thing. Heaven?
Drake’s outfit switches to a cozy looking grey turtleneck, as he makes his hands into the universal telephone (with the fist and thumb and pinky out) and swings them around, emphasizing that Drake knows when you call, he knows why you call, and he maybe even likes it when you call his hotline. At 2:40, iPhones magically appear nestled into each one of his hands, and he starts dancing with those, too. This is on Apple music after all.
When it gets to the third verse, Drake really lets the music take hold of his soul and busts out some serious interpretative dance moves. By the end, he is dancing with some of the women and doing the robot, and I am in complete awe. There are already a thousand gifs of this all over the internet. I have already made a screenshot my cover photo. Good job, Aubrey. If this video doesn’t make this song #1, then nothing will.

I would also like to take the time to point out that Drake jacked my look. Or maybe I was actually in this music video?

me maybeIMG_4709