Horn Gallery Spotlight: Elvis Depressedly/Bulldog Eyes/Small Wood House

By Stephanie Holstein ’18


Elvis Depressedly

As we begin to grow accustomed a full work week — one without four-day weekends and parents — it may seem like the big breaks to look forward to (Thanksgiving break, one full week of familial, food coma bliss) are really far away. Don’t be sad though, because this Friday the Horn Gallery has scheduled a crazy good show, and may serve as some motivation to work a little (a lot) to ball a lot this weekend!

The main act is a lo-fi, shoegaze group called Elvis Depressedly, consisting of Mathew Lee Cothran, formerly a part of Coma Cinema, and Delaney Mills. Originating in South Carolina, the band has been releasing EPs and singles since 2011. Upon the release of their first album, Holo Pleasures, in 2013, they’ve experienced well-deserved, as well as niche popularity in the indie-pop-punk sphere which has sharply increased due to their signing to Run For Cover Records, and the release of their first full length album, New Alhambra, in May 2015.

Tracks to check out:

“Hotter Sadness”

“Pepsi/Coke Suicide”

“Bruises (amethyst)”


Bulldog Eyes

Opening for Elvis Depressedly are Bulldog Eyes from Richmond, VA, and Small Wood House from Kent, OH. Bulldog Eyes is Georgie Gould, who has been releasing small EPs primarily through bandcamp since 2013, their most recent being a full length album, Asleep, which dropped Oct. 4. With a unique sound of both lo-fi and bedroom pop, the distorted guitar, interspersed with cymbals, are a real treat to the ears.


Small Wood House

Small Wood House is more experimental, yet works in perfect harmony with the other two bands, uniquely interpreting their own kind of lo-fi dream pop. Made up of Chris Corsi, Emma Shepard, and Matt Schleckman, the trio integrates their instruments in such a way that they’re each the absolute jam individually yet work so perfectly all together.

Check em’ both out!



Elvis Depressedly, Bulldog Eyes, and Small Wood House will perform at the Horn Gallery this Friday. Doors are at 9:30pm, and the concert starts at 10:00pm.

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