Playlist: In Your Movie

By Maddie Farr ’18


These are songs about feeling like you’re in a movie, wanting to be in a movie, or being seen as part of a movie. All of these songs are sung by women, addressing topics such as romance, breakups, and consumerism. Each deals in some kind of cinematic trope–the idea of movie stars, of life as film, of the mystique and/or fakery of it all. This is good listening for dreamy moods or angry nostalgia. Enjoy!

“Blue Flower” – Mazzy Star

An early track from 90s royalty Mazzy Star.

“Stars in the Movies” – Le Coupe

This song sounds like a rainy day spent riding around a city, thinking of someone you can’t have.

“Movie Star” – Swearin’

This song is a sad, angry, urgent, and fun jam, in the true style of Swearin’.

“Modern Girl” – Sleater-Kinney

A powerful and sarcastic song about consumerism and traditional womanhood, from the iconic band Sleater-Kinney.

“True Love” – Cecil Seaskull

A sweet little gem of a song. I love that Cecil Seaskull is so unabashedly naive and clichéd in her declarations of love; her over-the-top-ness creates an irresistible quality of sincerity in this song.

“Style” – Taylor Swift

An infectious ode to high-stakes, dreamy romance and classic movie star looks.

“Watch on Mute” – P.S. Eliot

There is no youtube video for the official “Watch on Mute” track, although it can be found on P.S. Eliot’s album Sadie, which is on Spotify. However, this is an awesome acoustic version by a young Katie Crutchfield aka future Waxahatchee!?!? She is one half of P.S. Eliot, the other half being her sister Allison aka part of future Swearin’ (as heard above!).

For more such playlists, listen in to Moody Mondays with Maddie from 7-8 pm on (obviously) Mondays.

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