Collaborative Playlist: Let’s Get COZY

By Stephanie Holstein ’19
Being cozy is not just snuggling into your bed while it’s raining outside or having a warm, milky drink as you watch your favorite movie. Cozy is a state of mind, and the coziest of all the seasons has just graced us with its presence: FALL. While these tracks are not of the traditional, acoustic “oh-this-song-is-such-a-nice-soundtrack-as-I-hold-my-warm-apple-cider-with-both-hands-and-watch-the-leaves-silently-fall” variety, but rather nice lil’ songs that make each of us feel physically, mentally, spiritually comfortable. Fall means a lot of things to a lot of people (falling leaves, pumpkins, halloween, the ability to finally layer clothing) but here’s what fall–and more importantly, ultimate coziness–means to us.

* “My Little Corner of the World” – Yo La Tengo

Aside from being played on one of my favorite TV shows, Gilmore Girls (also very, very cozy), I independently love this song as it’s nice to think we each have our own little corners of the world. I find that the coziest places are found in small spaces, and whether it’s my room at night by lamplight, or Gambier as the leaves fall, it’s cozy to know I’ve found my little corner. – Stephanie Holstein

* “Where Do The Children Play?” – Cat Stevens

“This song is a warm sweater. Also, this line is a pretty good summary of fall: ‘I know we’ve come a long way, we’re changing day to day. But tell me, where do the children play?'” – Maddie Farr

* “Either Way” – Beta Radio 

“For me, ‘Either Way’ by Beta Radio has always embodied the spirit of leaving home. It has the ability to make me at once homesick and cozy; it reminds me of what I’ve left behind, but also what I’ve come to know and appreciate about life outside of my little corner of Washington. It’s the perfect fall song for the worn and warm of heart.” – Sonia Calzaretta

* “Pink Moon” – Nick Drake

“This song embodies the bizarre beauty of fall. It’s able to capture the strange dichotomy of Fall’s rapid change coexisting with an expression of ease.” – Jeb Backe

* “Caledonia” -Dougie MacLean

“There’s something about the simple strumming of an acoustic guitar that seems to embody the essence of autumn. This song feels like walking up a rugged peak at sunrise in a pair of bean boots, walled in by trees decked with brilliant foliage. It also makes you think about where you’ve been, especially if where you’ve been is the tranquil Scottish Highlands.” – Charlotte Freccia

* “We’re Going To Be Friends” – The White Stripes

“Fall can be bitter, cold, and cruel. You go back to school, and begin to prepare for the harsh winter. Or, it can be as sweet and simple as this little classic. This song always reminds me of how fall used to be, playing in the leaves in the warm, golden sun. It takes me back to when fall was not met with dread, but with excitement and fun, in the song’s simple, quiet way.” – Audrey Avril

* “One Day” – Sharon Van Etten

“It was hard for me to find a song that I associate with fall that’s not depressing. Sharon’s lovely voice makes me want to curl up in my fuzzy blanket with some hot chocolate and not cry while listening to the National.” – Jacqueleen Eng

Here’s the playlist in full. Happy fall and get *cozy* !!!

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