Playlist: Songs About Ohio

By Charlotte Freccia ’19

Ah, Ohio. Home of the Wendy’s Frosty, the world’s most polluted lake, and the eighth-most obese population in the country. When I was away at boarding school in New Hampshire, people made fun of me because I “repped Ohio too hard.” There’s no doubt in my mind that the above traits were what my classmates envisioned when I spoke of my home. But there’s a whole other Ohio that you can only know if you’re from here: a unique, pastoral place, past the strip malls and Buckeye fans, where corn grows, farmland tumbles, and indie darlings find inspiration for sweet songs based on The Heart of It All.

*Ohio/Modest Mouse

*Look At Miss Ohio/Gillian Welch

*Ohio/Damien Jurado

*Going to Cleveland/The Mountain Goats

*Lisbon, OH/Bon Iver


*Carry Me Ohio/Sun Kil Moon

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*Ohio/The Black Keys

*Bloodbuzz Ohio/The National