Album Review: Thunderbitch

By Maggie Dalrymple ’18

Thunderbitch’s bio on their website says it all, “Thunderbitch. Rock ‘n’ Roll. The end.” Brittany Howard, frontwoman of The Alabama Shakes, is back at ‘em already after a stellar sophomore Sound & Color with a different band and a new sound. Like the Shakes, there is still a strong southern rock presence, but with a distinctive new twist. It very much feels like both a mockery and a love letter to rock-n-roll in it’s entirety. In the promo video, Howard appears in white face, dancing in red lipstick and a leather jacket, while being surrounded by motorcycles and good old fashioned Sex and Drugs to accompany the Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Not only is her aesthetic poking fun at yet relishing rock culture, so is her sound. This album is more straight forward than the more complex Sound and Color, sounding like it came right out of a garage, filled with pure energy and sound. The entire evolution of the genre can be found somewhere in this album; from blues, to fifties rockabilly, to punk, the influences can be heard. The lyrics are, at times, a parody of the culture as well; like when she sings that she wants “to grow up to wear a leather jacket,” or when she dedicates a whole song to dating her guitar. However biting the satire may be, it seems to be done lovingly so. Most of the lyrics are just pure fun, with little of the poignancy found in her lyrics with the Shakes.

Thunderbitch really is Rock ‘n’ Roll, and there is little else to say.