Musical Horoscopes: November

By Maddie Farr ’18

I am obsessed with astrology.

I acknowledge that this makes me a little crazy and witchy, but I’m embracing it. Astrology isn’t something you have to believe 100% all the time, but it can provide a useful lens through which to view yourself and those you care about. Or at least, it can be pretty fun.

This month, I have decided to read your horoscopes WITH MUSIC. Take everything I say with a grain of salt, as I have absolutely no actual authority in astrology. But, I give pretty good advice.


Cat Stevens – Don’t Be Shy

Essentially, let go!! Us Aquarians are known for living very much within our own heads, which can be a good thing when the time comes for introspection. But this November is not that time. This is the time to GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD and try to engage with others without putting on a mask or distancing yourself or overanalyzing everything they/you say. As Cat Stevens sings, “Don’t be shy, just let your feelings roll on by / Don’t wear fear or nobody will know you’re there.”


She & Him – This Is Not A Test

For Virgoans, this November is going to be crucial to building the foundations for one’s long-term goals or dreams. This month may seem slow, but Virgos, you are BUILDING A CASTLE. This is not a test. This is the real deal, and the small bricks you place now will show themselves to be impressive structures a few years down the line. So put on this song and get started!


Drake – Know Yourself

This month, Leos will be given the chance to answer the question: what do I value In the words of Drake, do you “know yourself”? You will be confronted with new resources this month — be that money, friends, grades, or what have you. Your task will be to figure out what you value and how to treat it as such. Drake knows this struggle, but he also knows that deep down, “I’ve always been me, I guess I know myself.” You know more about yourself than you think, as long as you are willing to look.


Taylor Swift – Treacherous

You are dealing with some STRONG EMOTIONS right now, girl. This is good, but it’s probably a little hard for your heavily-protected Taurus heart to deal with. It’s ok if you need to back it up for a moment. A Taurus usually wants to feel safe before she lets her guard down. But this November, there is a lot of energy coming your way, and you should embrace it. As Taylor sings, “Nothing safe is worth the drive.” Navigating strong emotions may feel tricky (dare I say TREACHEROUS), but now is a prime time to dive in.


Beyoncé – Superpower (feat. Frank Ocean)

Your key words this month are connection and collaboration. You will be stronger this month together, not alone. If someone is reaching out, say yes. If you are starting a new project, don’t hesitate to include others. The perspective that collaboration will bring to your life may be enlightening. When people work together, SUPERPOWER is possible!!


Indigo Girls – Closer To Fine

This November is absolutely about YOU! As a Scorpio, you are often fairly in-tune with your body and its needs (even if you don’t always respond 100%). This is the time to really listen, and give your body what it needs. Focus on what you love. Get some rest. Leave yourself open to new relationships, but only because this month, you come first. The more responsive to your body and mind you become, the closer you will be to fine.


Joni Mitchell – All I Want

As a Libra, you value your relationships highly. You also value communication with the people you care about. This is a good month to reflect upon these two values, and what they are requiring of you right now. What do you want to say, and to who? Write it down. Do you want to knit this person a sweater, or write them a love letter? Do you want to make he/she feel better? Don’t rush into anything, but also don’t lie to yourself or anyone else. Take your time to interrogate what you really want to say, and then say it.


Addie Pray – Watch TV

You might be starting this month out with some weird vibes. The coming of the cold can bring with it sad feelings, and a changing social atmosphere can signal misunderstandings and loneliness. Not jumping to conclusions, and focusing on relationships, can help get you through this weirdness into more comfortable territory. That’s what this new Addie Pray track is doing — acknowledging the weird sadness and getting to something better.


frankie cosmos – pure poison

This month will be about your relationships, be they with friends, cuties, parents, or teachers. How are you being treated, and is it how you want? Reflect upon how you are connecting with others; are they respecting your boundaries, desires, goals, anxieties? Frankie cosmos reminds us that “some people are pure poison.” I’m not saying you should drop people who you aren’t connecting with immediately, but you should not ignore the signs that something isn’t working. YOU come first, Gemini.


Bill Fox – Let In The Sun

This is shaping up to be a pretty emotional month for you, Aries (though aren’t they always for you?). It seems like the best response to that emotion, this November, is to let go and open up — to LET IN THE SUN. Maybe you need to end things with someone who has been complicating your life, or let someone in who has been catching your eye/heart. Or maybe you just need to take a break and breathe. Either way, be open to the light.


The Cranberries – Ode To My Family

This month, Pisces folk will probably be having some sorts of feelings about/towards their families. With the holidays coming up, this can be a stressful, emotional, and also rewarding time for many, especially for sensitive Pisces. Let yourself feel, but there are two things to steer clear of: speaking too fast and hurting a loved one, or letting the opinions of a loved one hurt/affect you. Your identity is also in flux, and you should be able to deal with that without any unwanted outside advice. Perhaps you will be best served if you play it like the Cranberries — with an ode to your family, warts and all.


Angel Olsen – If It’s Alive, It Will

This song is about trying to get a friend to kick a bad habit, which is what you’re going to have to do this month, Capricorn. Focusing on long-term goals, there might be a habit or weakness that’s holding you back. KICK IT TO THE CURB. Be patient with yourself, but do acknowledge what’s working in your life, and what’s not. And know that most of us are doing the same thing, all the time — as Angel Olsen reminds us, we are never the only one.

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