Song Review: Coldplay’s ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’

By Stephanie Holstein ’19

AOAL1000Coldplay generally falls into that category of bands that have had such long careers they become easy to criticize (think U2/Bono), but let me clearly state now that I love Coldplay. Living in London as a little girl, Parachute and A Rush of Blood to the Head were not only my family’s collective jam but a religion. They are one of the few bands that I will always go back to, one of the bands that I have the full discography of on iTunes (!!!) and yet, they are making me very, very sad.

Last week, Coldplay released a single called “Adventure of a Lifetime” off of their upcoming seventh studio album A Head Full of Dreams, slated for release Dec. 4 of this year. I had an inkling of what was to come just by looking at the album cover, which while it is beautiful, feels trendy and by extension, momentary. If anyone has seen their earlier album covers, they’re beautiful pieces of art, unique in that they stand out and are recognizable as Coldplay albums. This looks like the first album of a rookie artist trying to make it big in the pop music industry.

The song starts off interestingly enough, with a twinge of disco funk mixed optimistic techno. While I’m not slamming Coldplay for trying a different sound, I am disappointed in how badly it seems they are trying to escape any recognition of their previous style. While I used to enjoy how they would adopt a new aesthetic with each new album, this seventh album seems to be going a step too far–it feels as if the band is no longer making the conscious choice to try something new, but are pandering to the masses according to what “they” want to hear — repetitious lyrics with a strong, distracting beat.

“Adventures of a Lifetime,” while a strong candidate for my workout playlist, is not a memorable track in comparison to their rightfully countless hits like “The Scientist,” or “Fix You,” or “Yellow,” or even a few songs off of their fifth studio album, “Mylo Xyloto.” The direction the band is taking is a watered down version of their early work a decade ago, with less thought-provoking lyrics and more emphasis on dominative rhythm. Because I have already developed a lifetime devotion to the band, I will give the upcoming album a shot, but I miss Coldplay already.

Have a listen:

One thought on “Song Review: Coldplay’s ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’

  1. My recollection is that for certainly Parachutes and probably A Rush of Blood they were considered cool and the next big thing. Then they became the next big thing and started attracting all the haters. I don’t care and am perfectly happy to admit that I have all the albums. Well except the new one – the death of HMV, Virgin and Our Price on the High Street means I don’t religiously get must-buy albums on their day of release any more…

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