Horn Gallery Spotlight: Frankie Cosmos and All Dogs

By Maddie Farr ’18

I am really excited for Wednesday’s Horn show – and you should be too. This week Kenyon will be welcoming indie star Frankie Cosmos and Ohio-bred All Dogs. If you are familiar with these groups, you are probably thoroughly thrilled by now. If these are new names to you, read on to discover why, this Wednesday, the place to be is the Horn Gallery.


Frankie Cosmos.


All Dogs.

Frankie Cosmos has been quietly but conscientiously putting out the most openly and effectively moving singer-songwriter tunes out there for about five years now. For at least one of those years, her music has been a constant in my life. I find myself returning to her confessional poetry and soft guitar every season; she is my emotional rock. If you are as yet uninitiated into the cult of Frankie, be prepared to feel some things.

Although Frankie Cosmos – the musical alias of NYC-based Greta Kline – has been putting out music for years, she burst onto the scene last year with her debut studio album, Zentropy. Her unfinished and raw sound finally found its focus in a fleshed-out band, resulting in sad girl pop hits like “Leonie” and “Art School.” Ever since, Frankie’s fans have been eager for another studio record, and the time has finally come! Kline just released the electronic EP Fit Me In (an experimental colab with her boyfriend Aaron Maine, of Porches.), and will be releasing a full album within the next few months. At this show, fans should expect some interesting new material (synths!?) and some of the simple gut-punch songs they’ve grown to love.


All Dogs is an Ohio-based pop-punk band that has been receiving a lot of attention as of late (Go Ohio!), most recently with their new album Kicking Every Day. Their songs are loud and melodic and fun, but also pack a lot of lyrical finesse and energy. All Dogs is the sort of band that I am sure will be undeniable live.

“That Kind of Girl”

Frankie Cosmos and All Dogs will perform at the Horn Gallery at 9:30 pm this Wednesday, 11/18.

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