Oh, Oh, Oh, it’s Thanksgiving!

By Charlotte Freccia ’19

Thanksgiving is a wildly underrated holiday. Overshadowed by its domineering cousin, Christmas, Thanksgiving is the time of year in which families come together to put aside differences, ignore the historical implications of the day, and tuck into a grotesquely caloric meal culminating in a game of football or, in my family’s case, a trip to the movies. This year, I’m making the trip to Chicago for Thanksgiving at my sister’s place, which, she has informed me, will be pie-themed: she’s an excellent chef and is preparing two savory vegetarian pies and two dessert pies. My mouth is watering already. Luckily, there’s a just-as-delicious, diverse group of artists who have blessed us with unique songs that convey the feeling of gratitude that characterize the season of Thanksgiving. Tuck in and tune in.

It’s Thanksgiving/Nicole Westbrook

Thank U/Alanis Morissette

Thank Me Now/Drake

Thnks Fr Th Mmrs/Fall Out Boy

Thankful/Kelly Clarkson

Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Again)/Sly & the Family Stone

Thank God for Girls/Weezer

Thank You For Being a Friend (Golden Girls Theme)/Andrew Gold


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