Horn Gallery Spotlight: DJ Paypal, DJ Taye, Oedipus

By Devon Chodzin ’19

For the second weekend in a row, The Horn Gallery has some fantastic performers coming to grace us with their art and their eccentricities. I’m super excited to see two of TEKLIFE’s footwork legends, DJ Paypal and DJ Taye, along with Columbus-based footwork producer Oedipus. These three will be blessing campus at the Horn this Saturday, with doors opening up at 9:30 p.m. and the performances spanning from 10 p.m.-12 a.m.

North Carolina-born, Berlin-based DJ Paypal just dropped his debut album under the Brainfeeder label in 2015, Sold Out, but this prolific artist has been dropping footwork and juke tracks through the Chicago-based TEKLIFE collective as well as his own group, Mall Music, for years. Paypal is one of Footwork’s rising legends and developed his style with other Footwork legends, namely the late DJ Rashad. Throughout his career, he has released many, many plunderphonic tracks over years of collaboration in the footwork world, and Sold Out proves that Paypal is looking for more.

DJ Paypal’s debut album, Sold Out, features 8 short but highly complex tracks:

For those who aren’t familiar, footwork is commonly defined as a blend of house and juke music which originated in the streets of Chicago and is designed for some complicated dancing (hence the name, footwork). Footwork artists often sample hip-hop hits in hyper-creative ways with intense rhythmic complexity. Chicago native R.P. Boo is credited with founding the genre and the late DJ Rashad is credited with popularizing it.

Dante Sanders, better known as DJ Taye, holds the distinction of being one of TEKLIFE’s youngest producers, having joined the collective as a teenager. The London-based record label Hyperdub featured samples and tracks from DJ Taye in two of their 2014 compilations and signed him the subsequent year. Taye, through Hyperdub, dropped his debut EP Break It Down that year, and is currently accompanying TEKLIFE star DJ Paypal on the back leg of his North American tour.

This track, “All Me,” is a popular collaboration between Taye and Paypal:

Oedipus, sometimes called Yung Oedipus, is a much more local producer, conducting his operations out of Columbus. While their (Henny Rose, the person behind Oedipus, uses he, they, and she pronouns) latest releases have centered on juke and footwork, Oedipus has also experimented with vaporwave and other styles of hypnotic pop. She is currently a student at The Ohio State University studying art history with plans to continue on the musician track. Kenyon’s Horn Gallery has been lucky enough to showcase Oedipus before, and Henry Rose has been here for some fun before, so there’s no doubt that they’ll fit right in.

In this video, Ohio-based visual artist Alexa Sollisch mixes performance art with Yung Oedipus’ 2014 juke release, Blasé:

So get pumped! Doors open at 9:30 p.m. and the show promises to be a banger.

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