Track Review: “Not the One” by Chumped

by Teddy Farkas ’16



Chumped, 2014. Photo courtesy of Erik Erikson, Stereogum

After a whirlwind few years, the four-piece pop-punk outfit Chumped have decided to call it quits. After a fairly successful self-titled EP, the Brooklyn-based band was picked up by Anchorless Records, who helped the band put out a three-song second EP in September 2014, That’s The Thing Is Like​.​.​., and their only full-length LP, Teenage Retirement, the following November.

I’ve seen Chumped several times and was excited to see what they would do next, but this past Halloween, the band decided to break up for unknown reasons. Although, it seems doubtful any of the members will give up music for good. In fact, Chumped’s lead singer, Anika Pyle, and drummer, Dan Frelly, have reformed as a duo named Katie Ellen. The band Chumped just needed to come an end. Chumped will play two sold-out farewell shows this Friday and Saturday at Suburbia in Brooklyn and, in anticipation of the event, have released one final single.

The song, “Not the One,” was recorded during Chumped’s Teenage Retirement sessions back in 2014. It is slightly more somber than their other tracks, but the band members still show off their immense talent as rock musicians. It’s not clear why this song is only being released now but its lyrics seem eerily apt. The verses display abstract, quiet moments of bliss, like a sundress blowing in the wind or smiling underwater in the tub, but the chorus repeats, “I’m not the one. I can’t give you what you want.”

It’s sad to think about how after breaking out from above the fray of many similar New York bands and touring all across the country, Chumped has decided to end their run. This is even more poignant as Pyle tells the audience that she can’t give us what we want. I don’t think that’s true but I suppose we’ll have to wait and see what she and Katie Ellen do next.

You can check out the new single below via Anchorless Records’ Bandcamp, where you can also find the remainder of their catalog. You can also find Chumped’s other albums on their personal Bandcamp page and you can find Katie Ellen’s new music here. RIP Chumped, Long Live Katie Ellen.

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