Mellow out, man: A playlist

By Stephanie Holstein ’18

It’s happening. After a blissful month of total relaxation we have been pulled from our dream-like states and our attentions have returned to those cold, hard books that smell like education and homework and sacrificing a night out, or not having time to watch your shows, or getting less than five hours of sleep, what have you. As we get deeper into this wonderful yet busy semester, you may need to take a little breather to keep cool and remind yourself that me-time is the most important time of the day (quickly seconded by any sleep time, then breakfast time, and so on and so forth). Enjoy these quiet tracks, which rather than rule your mind, serve as a nice soundtrack to any zen thoughts you may have as you space out.

“Speed of Sound” by Chris Bell

“Fly” by Nick Drake

“Blue Light” by Mazzy Star

“Today Is The Day” by Yo La Tengo

“She Smiled Sweetly” by Rolling Stones

“On The Street”/”You” by Good Morning

“Crying Laughing Loving Lying” by Labi Siffre

“Where to Begin” by My Morning Jacket

“In My Room” by The Beach Boys

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