Now Playing: Yeezy Season 3

By Jacqueleen Eng ’19

I am a Kanye fan. The only true fight I got into with one of my best friends in high school was about a Kanye concert. I skipped my third-period Spanish class to buy Kanye tickets on my phone in the bathroom, and I had my mother trying to buy them too. So it only makes sense that when I saw that a few theaters in Columbus were screening Yeezy Season 3 that I would buy tickets, rent the tragic 2011 Ford Focus through the UhaulCarShare, and force a friend (who was in it for a non-Peirce meal) to come with me.

I have used the UhaulCarShare once before, the experience was less than satisfactory, and I wrote an op-ed about it and left a strongly worded review on their website. As a first-year without a car on campus or a friend with one, I was left no choice but to use the service again to get to Columbus in time for yzy szn. We could only get it starting at 3 pm when the show started at 4:15, so I was going to have to speed there no matter what. On the way to get gas in Mt. Vernon, my less than satisfactory navigator got us lost in Knox County for twenty minutes. After struggling to use a gas pump (I’m from New Jersey, ok?), we finally made it on the high road to Columbus.

Despite the fact that I perhaps was going 90 mph there at one point, we still got lost and drove to Cleveland for too long. We made it to the theater, and, to be honest, we had no idea what to expect. I heard that it was just a stream from Kanye’s release/performance at Madison Square Garden, which turned out to be true. What was exceptionally unfortunate was that Tidal was streaming it for free, and we had just paid too much money to see it on a large screen and paid too much money to rent a car. When we arrived in the theater, it was fairly full and the stream had yet to start. Phew.

It was an interesting experience—hearing the album for the first time with strangers—and I think it was beneficial to hear it for the first time without having lyrics available and asessing the quality of the actual rapping. The stream captured shots of Kanye and friends jamming, the models on stage (Young Thug! Naomi Campbell! Lil Yachty!) looking exhausted, and it got kind of old after a while. My friend and I often commented about how after he finished the album Kanye seemed to be “flailing” and even passed over the aux cord to his friends who plugged in their phones and debuted new songs. (The new Thugger sounded so good, and even the models couldn’t help but bob their heads to the beat.) He went on a few signature rants, started a “fuck Nike!” chant, and played the preview for his new video game (?) twice while claiming “this shit is hard to do, man!” It was all very Kanye, but I expected nothing less.

After it was over, we headed to a quirky, mediocre restaurant somewhere in the Short North, paid too much dinero for tiny tacos, and headed home where UhaulCarShare charged me an extra $50 because I was unreasonably late. I’d say the moral of the story is: us millennials will pay too much for too many things, I am perhaps a parody of our generation, and I am most definitely a grade B fuccboi.

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