Playlist: Spring Horizons

By Marc Ferraro ’17

After what many here may consider a lackluster Kenyon winter (juniors and seniors can still recall the Great Freeze of 2014), it at least went out with a bang as nature decided to deliver us some some wonderful inches of snow. Fresh snow is one of my favorite things at Kenyon for many reasons, but the foremost being this: the campus is almost overnight transformed into a glorious snow globe, and this inevitably means that we’re going to run into various snow sculptures on our way to class. These include pleasant snow people, snow dogs, lounging snow rabbits, and, my personal favorite, the disturbing yet endearing borderline demonic effigies. If I could, I would post a photo of a particularly haunting one I passed on my way past the chapel. (It featured horns, Darth Vader-esque stick teeth and also the message “Once I was a man” emblazoned on its chest.) I am recognizing these monuments for their  beauty, but also for their transience—walking home today, not only are the sculptures gone, but all of the snow has dissipated, leaving us with only muddy middle path and sad times.

However, this is a sign. Spring is on the horizon, and while it is often a rainy, awkward in-between season that isn’t fall, it is also a time when the world is reawakening. The snow has been melted, birds are returning and soon Kenyon will be vibrantly green. Here are some songs about waking up and breathing in the spring.


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