Horn Gallery Spotlight: Florist, Shya, and Grace Fuisz

By Teddy Farkas ’16


This coming Saturday, February 27th, The Horn Gallery will be hosting Florist! Florist is a project lead by Emily Sprague, originally from the Catskills in upstate New York but now located in the big city. Florist is also a project associated with The Epoch, a NYC-based art and music collective that boasts the talents of bands such as Eskimeaux, Sharpless, and Told Slant. Artists in the Epoch often collaborate in each others’s projects. Felix Walworth, for instance, leads Told Slant while also playing drums in Eskimeaux and Florist.

Florist is characterized by Sprague’s point of view, and she describes their recently released first full length LP The Birds Outside Sang as being “about the speed at which rain falls, life goes on, and people grow.” Her subdued voice reflects on harsh personal experiences and also about the importance of friendship, especially in making music. Sprague says that her only goal with the album is that “someone can listen to this album and feel/see something, and take it with them as a thought.” You should come to the Horn Gallery and try and feel something yourself, but you can also access the album digitally via their bandcamp and listen below! You can also buy physical copies of that album along with their recently released Holdly EP via Brooklyn-based label, Double Double Whammy.

There will also be two opening acts. Shya is a project lead by Sacramento-bred, Oberlin student Nate Sher ’17. He has been releasing his twisted brand of bedroom-pop for some time and now, with the help of other Oberlin students, including Adira Baum from Sidebitch, is coming out with his own full length LP, Trying. You can find their new single “Food Poisoning” on their bandcamp, embeded below, and check out the premiere on Thrdcoast.com.

The other opening act is DC-based Kenyon student Grace Fuisz ’19. Blending guitar and piano to make some extremely personal tracks, Grace constantly is putting out new material, including putting out new songs every week last year on her soundcloud and recently releasing a new EP, Whatever, on her bandcamp, which you can listen to below!

Doors are at 8:30 pm and the show starts at 9:00 pm on Saturday night. Please come, and you can check out the Facebook event for updates here!



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