Collaborative Playlist: Farewell to the Cove

By Devon Chodzin ’19


The Gambier Grill, better known as The Cove, is officially closed for business. After over a month of uncertainty about the fate of The Cove, which was facing its impending demise, and an especially wild (and problematic) Saturday night, the beloved dive bar and late-night cravings satisfier shut its doors and ceased operations.

We at WKCO are terribly sad to see it go. From the managers here who could use the establishment as a campus bar to those of us under-21 folk whose Cove experience is best defined by waiting for delivery milkshakes, we are all in mourning. WKCO came together to say our goodbyes in the one way we know how: a collaborative playlist.

See how we, through music, want to say our goodbyes to our most revered Gambier Grill:

“‘If cosmic force is real at all / It’s come between you and I.’ Goodbye, Cove.” -Maddie Farr ‘18

“As a vegetarian underage freshman, I didn’t have too much experience with the Cove, but what little experience I had was memorable: last month I had a panic attack in the parking lot, and if that’s not a Kenyon rite of passage I don’t know what is. The Cove was a majestic symbol of the unique Kenyon culture, universally adored and gone too soon, much like Pawnee, Indiana’s Lil’ Sebastian. Bye, bye, Gambier Grill. You’re ten thousand candles in the wind.” -Charlotte Freccia ‘19

“‘I loved you in the morning, your kisses deep and warm, your hair upon the pillow like a sleepy golden storm.’
Goodbye the Cove. Do not go gentle into that good night … Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” -Erin Delaney ‘16

“’And where will she go, and what shall she do/
When midnight comes around’

I won’t miss the Cove too much, save for my usual order I would call in at least once a week between the hours of 11am and 2am (The Steph Special: Mac and Cheese Wedges and a Frosty Nutella Milkshake) but as a certified nostalgic, I am sorry for the end of this era, as I am sorry for the end of most eras.” -Stephanie Holstein ‘18

I may not have used the Cove as a dive bar in and of itself, but the memories I have of waiting with bated breath as my nacho supreme was delivered kind of define the first 2/3 of my freshman year. Goodbye, Gambier Grill. I’m sad to see that last week was your permanent closing time.

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