Horn Gallery Spotlight: Geotheory

By Devon Chodzin ’19

Futuristic Love

On Friday, March 25th, The Horn Gallery will be offering more talent for us to see in this second-half of our second-semester. After a stressful first week back from what for me was a dangerously relaxing spring break, The Horn Gallery will be featuring Geotheory, a young NYC-based producer heavily influenced by Garage and House. Geotheory began experimenting with music production at the age of ten and start buckling down and getting serious at 14. Today, Geotheory is bringing his unique brand of danceable electronica with the help of the “Flow-Fam” or The Moving Castle Crew.

Geotheory’s soundcloud is a treasure trove of the kind of electric harmony which The Horn is bringing us to keep our energy up and spirits high. Just last month, Geotheory dropped geotheory & chill, a 14-track digital compilation which offers a fantastic feast of sick beats. The finale track, “Futuristic Love II,” works as a companion track to “Futuristic Love (part 1),” which he unleashed a little over a year ago. “Futuristic Love (part 1)” is the title track of Geotheory’s debut album.

Geotheory also has a second SoundCloud account for new releases called Incomplete Theory. The master behind Geotheory and Incomplete Theory, “Joseph,” has released a massive treasure trove of singles and albums on both accounts, epitomizing the quick & highly creative atmosphere in modern electronic music production. Geotheory’s singles and albums are often released under the Magnum Records & Surreal Records labels.
Even if this first week back on campus has you falling asleep on the KAC elliptical, I would highly recommend coming to the Horn on Friday to see Geotheory. This individual is on the cutting edge in a rapidly growing family of music and, frankly, it would be foolish not take this opportunity to see the “next great thing” for free while you’re young, wild, and free.

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