Playlist: Poppin’ out a Paper

By Devon Chodzin ’19

We’ve all been there: 24 hours before a deadline with 5+ pages left. It’s at this crucial juncture that many of us pack up our things and set up camp in third floor Olin, the designated quiet study space. I have crafted some of my most infamous masterpieces at a specific desk on third floor which has a view of Ransom to my right. That being said, I find that Olin is a little *too* quiet. The absence of sound makes every other sound that much more distracting, so I find that a little music helps me concentrate even harder.

I actually have a playlist on my computer which is about 10 hours long that I designed specifically for long study sessions, but in the interest of time, I’m just going to share the highest of highlights with you. If you find silence just as distracting as I do, give these a try:

Bjork- “Stonemilker.” This song is especially good for if you think you might be onto something.

Daft Punk- “Veridis Quo.” Great for setting a writing pace.

Little Jackie- “The World Should Revolve Around Me.” Just in case you needed reminding. This paper won’t destroy you!

Los Campesinos- “You! Me! Dancing!” Because you will need a dance break.

Bae Tigre- “Now or Never.” This song really helps with my confidence because it gets just about every brain cell I have in action.

Lord Huron- “She Lit a Fire.” This peacefully dramatic ode will have you smiling through the stress.

Mr. Twin Sister- “The Other Side of Your Face.”This song is largely white noise just to make sure you’re stimulated while you’re writing.

Lower Dens- “Brains.” Because you have them.

Daft Punk ft. Panda Bear- “Doin’ it Right.” Because you’ve been doing this paper the right way and everybody will be dancing when you finally turn in your masterpiece!

If this playlist doesn’t quite do it for you, I also endorse listening to your favorite artists’ entire discographies while you write. The mix of familiar and semi-familiar tunes will make you comfortable without being wholly distracted.
Good luck!

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