How to Survive a Breakup (of a Favorite Band)

By Audrey Avril ’19

Breakups can be painful. This is no less true if the people doing the breaking up are your favorite band.

However, it is a special kind of heartbreak when your favorite band breaks up. It almost always seems to come out of nowhere. I mean, everything seemed to be going so well! You couldn’t be more shocked when you hear that things hadn’t been working out for a long time, that the “quirks” (“quality of being a completely awful human being”) of one or two bandmates finally does the relationship in, or that it was just time to move on.

I mean, you really can’t handle it. Maybe this band had been together since the dawn of time, or maybe it was just beginning to blossom into something more, but either way you are in no way prepared to deal with it. You’ve just been so invested, like some kind of musical third wheel, that as the band crashes and burns you feel like the lone tire that rolls away from the wreckage only to fall over under the crushing weight of your anguish. We get it, it’s a bit rough. Lucky for you, we here at WKCO have a list of ways you can pull yourself out of your misery and get on with your musical life.

Denial. No no no, the band isn’t dead, it’s just sleeping. Tell yourself that your fave is just taking a very long hiatus.

Some bands do come back from time to time, so maybe you can just hold out hope that they will get back together (of course, if they do get back together, it could be a whole other can of worms. See previous article).

Petition to have the band get back together. Well, I mean, I guess if you want to. However, this might not do much except make you seem like a bit of a creep.

Kidnap the band and make them make more music. Ok wow buddy you are really invested in this band. Seriously, please don’t do this. We get it you’re having a hard time, and this band meant a lot to you, but maybe it’s time to let go. Also, let them go.

Have a band funeral (NOT LITERALLY. PLEASE, PLEASE NOT LITERALLY). Accept that no new music is coming your way, accept that your favorite musicians will henceforth fade quietly into the pages of music history, accept that eventually you might have to experience the indignity of a Best of ____ album. Accept that the band is dead. However, accept that while the band is gone, it will not be forgotten. It will always have a special place in your heart.

Use this time as a period of mourning, but also of celebration for the good music that was made while the band lasted. Dive back into their discography, blare your favorites for days, wail along to that one song that always hits you right in the feels. Get festive (or macabre) and throw a little goodbye-to-the-band party while you’re at it to ease the pain. We don’t recommend burning your band memorabilia, though, so you can always take another trip down memory lane. Also, that stuff’s expensive.

Praise the music gods for side projects. Now that you’ve moved on, maybe this is a good opportunity to branch out, and if you’re lucky, you might not have to go very far. You’d be surprised how many musicians have side projects, collaborations, or whole other bands. The band will live on in spirit through these new projects, and who knows? Maybe you’ll find a new twist on your band’s old sound that you like even more.

Branch out for real. Or maybe you could finally find something truly new. If this band’s breakup hit you as hard as it seems it did, then your fixation has probably kept you from exploring new music or new bands. Who knows what you’ve been missing! I know it’s been a while, but put yourself out there!

And remember, there are other fish (bands) in the sea (analogous equivalent to the sea. Unless you’re the Little Mermaid, do not go looking for music under the sea).

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