Horn Gallery Spotlight: Teen Suicide

bal-teen-suicide-on-signing-to-run-for-cover-records-rereleasesBy Jacqueleen Eng ’19

Horn Gallery goers, you are in for a packed weekend. Not only do we have Jlin throwing down Saturday night, but one of my favorite bands right now, Teen Suicide, will be performing on Friday. Hailing from Silver Springs, Maryland, Teen Suicide (who are undergoing a name change) formed in 2009 and amassed a cult following after their brief breakup in 2013. The band formed when the members were young, and their recent album It’s the Big Joyous Celebration, Let’s Stir the Honeypot will be the last album released under their current name, inspired by the 1988 cult classic Heathers. (According to the band’s overactive Twitter @fugazi420, they may be now called the Hot Sloppy Joe Boys. I tweeted at them to find out. Me: @fugazi420 excuse the mayb dumb q but are you actually now called the Hot Sloppy Joe Boys? Them: @yung_sangria im trying to get the rest of the band on board w/ it lol – sam)

Teen Suicide has released many projects, including the album i will be my own hell because there is a devil inside my body, and the EPs DC snuff film and waste yrself. To call Teen Suicide an angsty band might be sort of a cop-out, but it’s probably the best way I can describe them. Singer and guitarist Sam Ray has been open with his past drug habits and depression, and these themes are found in the band’s music. I’d say the reason for the band’s mass following is related to their exploration of experiences teenagers can identify with. Ray’s social media presence probably helps, too. Aggressive? Sarcastic? I’m not entirely sure, but I’ve been following him for a while on various media outlets and he’s entertaining, to say the least.

Definitely try to catch this show if you’re into that whole DIY-lo-fi-sad-boy-angst-maybe-trash-maybe-moshing-but-not-too-hardcore-moshing-basement-Baltimore-Julia-Brown-Ricky-Eat-Acid-etc.-Elvis-Depressedly-Foxes-In-Fiction-ambient-cool-cool-cool sound like I know most of you are.

Doors open at 9 p.m. Show time TBD with openers Sedna’s Not Alone and Kenyon’s very own Peter Hardy!

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