Playlist: You Are The Dancing Queen

By Charlotte Freccia ’19

Is it Friday night? Are the lights low? Are you looking out for a place to go?

No. No. It’s Monday morning. The air is chill, the campus is quiet, that mysterious bruise you acquired sometime Saturday night hasn’t faded, you’re running late for your 8:10, you spilled a cardboard cup of steaming Peirce coffee on your sweatshirt, and visions of late weekend nights are dancing in your head. You’ve not yet quite come around to the stark realization that your next opportunity to dance, sweaty and enthusiastic, on a stage, table, or other elevated surface with your new best friends of lo these many minutes will not come around for another five days, at least.

Fear not, young co-ed. Here is a playlist that will make you feel like dancing and soften the blow of the weekend’s inevitable but always bittersweet departure. Turn on, turn up, and turn into a dancing queen in the privacy of your own, distinctly less beer-soaked home.

Dance, Dance, Dance/Lykke Li feat. Bon Iver

Dance Music/The Mountain Goats

Dancing On My Own/Robyn

Dance Anthem of the 80’s/Regina Spektor

Dance for You/Beyonce

I’m Happy Just To Dance With You/The Beatles

Dance Yrself Clean/LCD Soundsystem

I Wanna Dance With Somebody/Whitney Houston

Let’s Dance/David Bowie

Tiny Dancer/Elton John

I’d Rather Dance With You/Kings of Convenience

Dancing In The Dark/Bruce Springsteen

Stay Young, Go Dancing/Death Cab for Cutie

Dancing in the Moonlight/King Harvest

Dancing Queen/ABBA


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