In-Between Time

By Gabriella Must ’20

Are you procrastinating on any of your papers? Are you killing time one afternoon before a party?

Here are some songs to get you through that strange, in-between time. It’s a little bit inspiring and a little bit dreamy. Originally, and bear with me now, it was for a best friend’s ex-boyfriend at a mixtape exchange party. I ended the friendship with the boyfriend in solidarity with my BFF at the end of their relationship, but the ex and I reconnected this summer after a mutual friend had some troubles. I spiced up the playlist a bit for you guys, but I think I was dead on with the original personality. The kid was a space cadet, but passionate and focused about the things he cared about. Use these songs to help transition from school work to pre-party to late night SNL videos and back again.

Tongue-Clucking Grammarian / MC Frontalot

DARE / Gorillaz

Grip Like A Vice / The Go! Team

There Is Only One Of Us / Bike For Three!

Last Girl on Earth / Supreme Beings of Leisure

Needing/Getting / OK Go

Instinct Blues / The White Stripes

Quality Time / Strfkr

James Bond / Scouting For Girls

Moon Rocks / Talking Heads

The Stand / Mother Mother

You’d Like to Admit It / Rodriguez

Can’t Stick Em / Bear Hands

Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High? / Arctic Monkeys

Dog Days Are Over (Yeasayer Remix) / Florence + The Machine

Please Mr. Gravedigger / David Bowie

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