Korean Rap Is Just As Dope

By Jacqueleen Eng ’19

I am half Asian, but I am not Korean.

(Chinese for those who are wondering.) But I have a very good friend, TaeHo, who came to my high school from South Korea. He’s pretty dope, and he’s the reason why I started listening to Korean rap. Most of these songs are from his recommendation. I am not very knowledgeable about anything regarding the scene (I also do not understand the lyrics), but I do know that some of these beats are better than what’s being produced over here, and their music videos are usually always aesthetically pleasing.

How Do I Look? – Beenzino

Beenzino is a big name in the game. Currenlty under the famed Illionaire Records, Beenzino, real name Lim Sungbin, made his official debut on one of Dok2’s tracks in 2011. Check out “Dali, Van, Picasso” and “Break” as well.

You Know (feat. Okasian) – Jay Park, Okasian

Jay Park is a man of many talents. Hailing from Seattle, Jay Park is a member of the b-boy crew, Art of Movement, and founder and CEO of AOMG, an independent Korean record label. Okasian is another big name. Belonging to The Cohort crew along with other big names like Keith Ape and JayAllDay, these guys produced the popular “It G Ma”.

New Bap – Kid Ash, G2

Kid Ash was the alias Keith Ape rapped under before, well, becoming Keith Ape, famous for “It G Ma”.

? – Primary, Zion T., 

Primary is a producer and rapper currently under Amoeba Culture, a prominent label that houses Dynamic Duo and Crush. He started on the scene in 2004 and has worked with Beenzino. Zion T. is also a popular rapper who has collaborated with many Kpop artists.

Sirens (feat. Ness) – JayAllDay

JayAllDay, a member of The Cohort, is the member responsible for much of the hit “It G Ma”. From my research, the people over at AsianJunkie.com are not particularly fond of this song or this video. To me, it sounds like something you could hear here, and the video looks just as poorly done as if my hypothetical underground rap group were to make one.

New Me – Pete Wash

I don’t know much about Pete Wash because there is no Wikipedia page on him, probably because he’s super underground! He’s one of TaeHo’s friends, and this beat is super smooth.

Bad Vibes Lonely (feat. Dean) – Dok2

Dok2 was signed at age 13 and is now the co-CEO (along with The Quiett) of Illionaire Records they founded in 2011.

Dope (feat. Okasian, Justhis) – The Quiett

The Quiett founded the record label Soul Company in 2004, left, and co-founded Illionaire with Dok2. He released Q Train in 2006 and followed up with Q Train 2 just this past April, which features impressive beats.


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