DJ Spotlight: Sam Larson and Henry Quillian

Interview by Claire Oxford ’18

DJs: Sam Larson and Henry Quillian

Show Title: Airspeed Velocity of a Swallow

Time: Sundays 10am – 11am

Description:A self indulgent show of dense tunes and mediocre banter”

Follow the jump to read the interview!

Claire: So first of all, how did you guys become buddies and then choose your radio show?

Henry: Well.

Sam: Well.

Henry: Well, funny story.

Sam: Very funny.

Henry: You’re gonna laugh.

Sam: So we met through Chamber Singers.

Henry: Yeah. Well no, we met through living in Norton, at the ice cream social.

C: How was the ice cream social for you?

Sam: It was horrible.

Henry: Yeah.

Sam: It was the worst.

Henry: Yeah. It was the worst, all the ice cream was melted I’m fairly sure. It was burning hot inside so we had to go outside.

Henry: We met there. I thought we had common interests because he had a Dr. Who tshirt on. Yeah, that’s a true story.

C: Nice, so you both like Dr. Who?

Henry: No.

Sam: No, not anymore.

Henry: Yeah.

C: But you did at a time?

Sam: It’s bad now.

Henry: Yeah, goddamn Stephen Moffat.

C: So why’d you wear the t-shirt?

Sam: Well at the time it was still relevant, it was beginning its descent.

Henry: So we met then and were in Chamber Singers together but it wasn’t really until, actually until second semester [freshmen year]. In the fall I interned for Mr. Will Quam’s radio show… Modern Romantics? He played classical music—

Sam: —For 2 hours on Sunday afternoons.

Henry: And in the fall I was like, “ah, can I … intern for your show?” and he was like “Yeah!” It was a lot of fun, we ended up just like hanging out during that time. I interned for weeks and weeks … it wasn’t really interning it was just hanging out.

Sam: And I was like, “I’m interested in getting a radio show.” I was just chatting about this, and [Henry] was like, “Hey, you should come to Will’s, I go to Will’s, you should also do that.” So then I did that too.

Henry: There was a lot of feelings talk. You’ve been in here before. That’s all we talk about off the air, as soon as the music goes on.

C: And did you guys have beards at the time?

Henry: He did, I didn’t.

C: What are some of your favorite bands or artists or genres of music to play?

Sam: I like playing The Decemberists and I haven’t done that in a long time.

Sam: Henry likes playing Punch Brothers.

Henry: Yeah, so my musical tastes just 100% go in waves. I just get obsessed with things, so last year there was a lot of Punch Brothers, and right now I’m listening to the Oh Hellos a lot.

C: Any highlights of your radio career? Perhaps a funny call-in or a peak day of listeners or some conversations you enjoyed?

Sam: I think we once got to 11 listeners.

C: Oooh!

Henry: Yeah, we’ve hit double digits.

Sam: So I’d say, just when our talent is recognized, which is often.

C: How does the radio show make you guys feel?

Sam: How does what?

C: How does the radio show make you guys feel?

Sam: Spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, what are you talking about?

C: You know, just feels. Do you have feels for your show?

Sam: It makes me feel tired.

Henry: It’s a good way to get up and get going for the day.

C: And then you have a celebratory brunch afterwards.

Sam: It’s been a staple since we started. But I kind of like it, it makes me feel good because it’s been such a staple. We’ve always had the same time slot, same day.

C: Same people.

Sam: Same people. You [Claire] and Henry. So that makes me feel — good.

C: Good.

C: Henry do you have any thoughts?

Henry: Thoughts? No. Nothing going on up here.

Tune in to “Airspeed Velocity of a Swallow” Sundays 10-11 am for more of Henry and Sam!

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