Playlist: Everything’s Better Live

By Isabella Mojares ‘20

Oh, live music. There’s something about hearing a song live (or even a live recording) that captures a level of emotion that studio recordings just can’t maintain. Maybe it’s the blood, maybe it’s the sweat, maybe it’s the crowd. Hearing an artist perform their music live transports you into their world, even if just for a moment. Not only do you hear the notes, but you hear the lyrics, wrought with all the feelings they were originally penned with.

Here are some of my favorite live versions of songs:

  1. Nothing Lasts Forever (Live from Soho) by Maroon 5 – My personal favorite Maroon 5 song. I won’t even listen to the studio version because I think the live just has so much more feeling in it. 
  2. Skinny Love (Live at the Sydney Opera House) by Bon Iver – In anticipation of their new album coming out on the 30th, a true Bon Iver classic. Admit it, it was all over your middle school tumblr and other social media. The words are iconically emotional, but hearing Justin Vernon’s unedited voice crooning the lyrics is unlike anything else. 
  3. Free Fallin’ (Live at the Nokia Theatre) by John Mayer – I guess this is half cheating, since this is a cover, but I’d argue that Mayer’s rendition is chock full of feelings. 
  4. Cigarettes & Loneliness (Live from Terminal 5) by Chet Faker – Just listen to the way he sings “breathe, this is love, without love, without love…”
  5. Silver Springs (Live at St John at Hackney) by Florence + the Machine – Another cover, but she just sounds angelic. Stevie and Florence, a true winning combo.
  6. The Metronome (Live at El Korah) by Pinegrove – I especially like how you can hear the crowd in this one, adding to the intimacy of the moment.
  7. You’re Not Good Enough (Live at FYF Fest) by Blood Orange with Sky Ferreira  – This one just looks like a good time. Hooray for collabs.
  8. Sex on Fire (Live at V Festival) by Kings of Leon – This is what I mean when I say that there’s a different energy that comes from live music. You can feel it through your screen, I’m pretty sure.

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