I Can’t Stand the Rain – A Playlist

By Gabriella Must ’20

Have you all been enjoying this rainy spell? My rain slicker is worn thin, but it’s still holding up.

Here’s a playlist that starts with I Can’t Stand the Rain by Ann Peebles and flows on from there. Each song samples an earlier song. I’ve laid it out linearly so you won’t get lost. This hip-hop family tree has some dead ends, so there may be a couple songs that directly sample the same song before we move on. Listen for what elements are borrowed each time. What lasts, and for how many repetitions. I’ll point some things out, but I’ll leave some for you to find.


I Can’t Stand the Rain / Ann Peebles

This is it! The original, the start of the chain. Most of the songs in the playlist are hip-hop and rap because those are genres where it’s common to sample. Not here! This song is some nice RnB to set us off.


The Rain [Super Duper Fly] / Missy Elliott

Missy Misdemeanor Elliott!! This is the song that the whole chain is based on, although it is second in order. You guys can set the other videos to play and click over to a new tab when listening, but with this song, you have to stay and watch the video. The song is from Missy Elliott’s solo debut album and the intensity, level of detail, and skill that she puts into each song and music video is apparent from the get-go.


Beep Beep / Timbaland and Magoo

Timbaland is Missy Elliott’s productions partner, as well as her long time friend. I’m not really sure who Maggo is, but he’s in there too.


Who Am I (Sim Simma) / Beenie Man

This song is so weird! It’s a reggae song and was #10 hit on the UK and Canada Singles charts in 1998. That’s the year I was born. Parts of the beat are sampled from The Rain.


I’ll Bee Dat / Redman

Alright, so I’m not embedding this video because it contains really explicit language, but it is a necessary link in the sampling chain. Y’all know how to use Google if you’re interested. One cool thing to note is how the title of this song and earlier ones up to this point are responses to lyrics and topics of earlier songs. If you do watch the video, it has some visual references to The Rain, as well.


Ghetto Like D&D / D&D Crew

I love this! It has that wiki-wiki sound effect that you just don’t hear anymore. I recognize that this song also isn’t clean, but the beat and sound effects are so fun! and what a cool name. Plus, this band is so small they don’t even have a Wikipedia page. Although, Wikipedia is pretty biased. 


Any Type of Way / Big Daddy Kane

Big Daddy Kane was one of the biggest and best golden age rappers, although today he isn’t as much of big name. Early rap, like this song, was much more likely to address issues facing the black community. That message was lost a bit in the aughts, but it’s coming back. (This song also has that wiki-wiki sound and references to New York, so I’m sold. East Coast represent!)


Any Type of Way / Cooking Soul

I don’t fully know if a remix counts as a sampling, but here we are!


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