DJ Spotlight: Amy Sheahan


Interview by Isa Mojares ’20

DJ: Amy Sheahan ‘17

Show Title: Sounds from the Burrow with DJ Amy

Time: Saturdays, 5-6 pm

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Isa: Hi!

Amy: Hi!

I: So, what made you want to get involved with radio?

A: What did make me want to get involved in radio? I don’t know, I’ve done theatre forever… and also have, like, loved music. I don’t know, somehow they ended up working together that I ended up wanting to do them. But, really, I think it…I don’t know! It just sounded cool. Music’s always been something that’s personal to me and it was interesting to think of being able to turn it outwards for other people.

I: Nice!

A: And I love constructing playlists. When I went to my first radio show with my mentor when I was an intern, it was so cool to see the construction of the playlist and be like, I wanna do that! I wanna have a theme every week! And I wanna have a way to focus all this disparate music that I have from different places into one, coherent thing.

I: And you’ve been involved [with WKCO] since your freshman year?

A: My freshman year, yeah. I got involved at the activities fair, I signed up for it, and I’ve been doing it since.

I: You show is called ‘Sounds from the Burrow?’ Why?

A: I don’t know! Well… I kind of do. I was trying to think of something that expressed me, and I’m a very… I don’t know, I like to burrow.

I: Well, you do call it cave time.

A: I do call it cave time, too! Yeah, there’s something about it that’s just like this dark, enclosed, comfortable space. And that’s where I listen to my music mostly, in the burrow, like under my covers. I’ll have my headphones on and blasting it for no reason, other than to feel enclosed by it. And so I want to have a show that’s just the sounds I listen to in my burrow, and now I’m sharing them with other people.

I: How do you think your show has changed over time, or since you first started on the radio?

A: Um, well my music taste has changed since I first started radio, so in that way it has. But, I’ve always been interested in doing songs, or playlists, around certain themes, like that’s been consistent. But something I’m trying this year that I haven’t done in past years is that I’m letting people submit themes to me. Which has been really cool, because you get to respond to somebody else in the way you construct a playlist, and I really like that. Often, the themes are better than ones I would’ve thought of by myself, so that’s been a cool development.

I: Do you have a song or any bands you feel like you’re always playing on air?

A: I do! And I made a joke about it yesterday, when I was playing a show…or not yesterday, the last time I had a show. I made a joke about it, because I play the Mountain Goats pretty consistently, I play them on almost every show, if not every show, and I was on air and I just said like “Alright people, try not to roll your eyes, but if you do, I won’t know ‘cause I can’t see you, so I’m gonna go ahead and play it anyway.” I always play Mountain Goats.

I: What’s your favorite WKCO memory?

A: Oh, there’s so many! WKCO is just the greatest place in… the whole world! I love it so much. Um… ugh, there’s so many good ones. I loved… okay, I’m going to say two.

I: Okay, haha.

A: I loved my freshman year, my internship process, and getting involved with the radio. I interned for my dear friend, Teddy Farkas, who’s like so, so good and so central to the radio. And I felt so sucked into the radio by the shows I got to witness of his because he would just blast the music, scream, and he would start banging on the counter, getting so into it as he was playing the songs, that I would get so sucked in. I was interning with two other people as well, and it felt like a little radio family. I really loved that. Yeah, and we all just got to share music and talk. Also, they were all upperclassmen and I was a freshman, and yeah, I felt more accepted into Kenyon from that experience.

Also, yesterday [October 6th] I had a really nice experience… I’m in the process of making a new friend and from this process, we went to do an open slot at the radio together. And it was great, because we got to have a conversation through the music that we were choosing to play for each other, getting to know each other better that way. It was really cool! And a woman called in who was listening to the radio in her car, and she was so sweet! She was like “I am having the worst day and your radio show is making my day much better, would you please play this song for me?” And we were like, OF COURSE!!

I: Aw!

A: That’s like such a good experience to have someone call in and be like, hey, you’re playing for real people and we appreciate it! Anyway, I love the radio!

I: That’s awesome. Alright, well, thank you for sitting with me and talking about it! And for letting me be your intern!

A: Of course, what a pleasure!

Tune in Saturdays from 5-6 pm to hear DJ Amy play songs from her burrow! 

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